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 The Work 

Reconnecting to self

This work is about reconnecting with the power of our life force, the deep pulsatory formative intelligence that's creative and loving, which grew us up from conception and naturally nudges us to evolve in spite of any hard stuff in early life. 


Working with Persistent Patterns:

With Presence, curiosity and acceptance, I support clients to not run from parts of themselves they rejected or split off from, that seem unacceptable or overwhelming.

It could be anger, terror, grief, etc.  By being with, and exploring what drives these parts psychobiologically (not just in the mind), with kindness in a held space (not alone), they can become integrated.

This enables feeling more whole, less fragmented as entrenched patterns soften and let go.  There may be a sense of spaciousness and an uptick of energy as the life force is freed up.  This fuels us to live more fully and vibrantly with greater capacity to be with ourselves (not numb out) and the world (not contract from life). 

Working with Body and Nervous System:

I support clients to digest inner conflicts somatically, emotionally and energetically.


Positive shifts are also anchored and embodied rather than just in the mind.  Intense emotions that got shut down especially in early life can get bound up in our joints, muscles, viscera and brain.  But it’s possible to engage the body in such a way to allow thawing and digestion without shutting down.


With attachment wounds such as neglect and misattunement, especially preverbal, I may offer Transforming Intentional Touch (in-person or remotely).  This is a healing modality that supports repair of early attachment ruptures through co-regulation and building somatic trust to expand our window of tolerance for aliveness.


If there’s been shock traumas, supporting the nervous system to complete naturally wired self-protective responses is vital to allow disempowering internal states to shift.  I also offer stabilization tools so clients feel more empowered as they regulate themselves to feel safer inside themselves.

Modalities I Use:

I learned from spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson that with loving spacious presence, if we are able to directly be with what’s here in body, heart and mind, without fixing, pain can be digested.  We land back in the depths of ourselves, our essence.


I use tools from my trainings with the following trauma experts - I'm prob going to move this to About Brianna


  • Dr. Laurence Heller’s NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM), an approach that works to heal attachment, relational and developmental trauma by working with patterns that cause lifelong psychobiological symptoms and interpersonal difficulties.

  • Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing™ (SE), a body-oriented approach for healing trauma, to regulate the nervous system and to release shock trauma.

  • Dr. Raja Selvam’s Integral Somatic Psychology™ (ISP), for emotional embodiment so the nervous system can tolerate more, not defend and react by contracting our physical and subtle bodies, allowing emotions to be digested.

  • Kathy L Kain, PhD & Stephen J Terrell PsyD's Somatic Resilience Regulation (SRR), in the milieu of nonverbal trauma by understanding the neurochemistry of early trauma, and rebuilding developmental platforms through regulation.

  • Stephen J Terrell PsyD's Transforming Intentional Touch (TEB), for fetus/infant trauma, for physiological regulation & working with primitive reflexes. 


  • Jim Feil, DC, RPP, BCST, Pulsatory/Formative Intelligence Method,  work based on Dr. Stanley Keleman's Somatic Reality method that is especially helpful for working with bracing/contraction.

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