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Reclaiming Your 
Spontaneity, Aliveness & Essence

"Essence is the true nature of who we are when we are relaxed and authentic when we are not pretending to be one way or another... It is the truth of our very presence..."
A.H. Almaas

The spontaneous movement in all of us is toward connection, health, and aliveness.  No matter how withdrawn and isolated we have become ... on the deepest level, just as a plant spontaneously moves toward sunlight, in each of us there is an impulse moving toward connection and healing.   
Laurence Heller, PhD & Aline Lapierre, PsyD

When we can connect to our life force, it increases our capacity for expansion and pleasure because that is more reflective of our deep nature of who we are and our potential, according to one of my teachers, Dr. Laurence Heller. 

However, many of us learn to survive early attachment, relational, and developmental traumas by bracing, and disconnecting from our life force, our hearts/core selves/bodies as love and acceptance by our caregivers were as crucial as food.  

If our caregivers weren't able to attune enough to our needs, such as being seen/heard/held/felt, we often come to believe there is something wrong with us–we are bad, flawed, unlovable, etc. 

There could be chronic dysregulation in the nervous system from early traumas such as physical and sexual abuse. If the womb environment wasn't safe (e.g. high cortisol from mother's stress, drugs & alcohol) or if the infant wasn't able to co-regulate with a calm carer, this could set up the nervous system to be in what's been called, "Global High Intensity Activation."  Please see my blog, Why Are Some People Flooded with Intense Sensations, Emotions and Shut Down?. 


Into adulthood, we continue life-draining survival strategies such as, hide, be perfect, people please, forgo our needs/our voice.  We close our hearts.   As I've heard Stefanie Klein, LCSW and NARM faculty say, "the resolution of developmental trauma is supporting our clients to reconnect to their hearts, to come home to themselves," to their aliveness.  

The resolution of developmental trauma is supporting our clients to reconnect to their hearts, to come home to themselves."


I ​support people to explore and process psycho-biologically and somatically what’s in the way of feeling their essence, wholeness and deep hearts.


When traumas are preverbal and/or from the womb, we may not be fully embodied as sensations from nervous system dysregulation can feel scary.  There may be a sense of chronic nameless dread.  We may dissociate or live in our heads often.   

In addition, unresolved shock traumas such as physical and sexual abuse, falls, car accidents, and pervasive traumas like racism and the like, can lead to a sense of despair, anxiety or pain. 


Dr. Laurence Heller's Neuro-Affective Relational Model™ (NARM) is the primary modality I use.  I'm also trained in Somatic Experiencing™ (SE), and Co-Regulation Touch and have found that these three models work synergistically. 

NARM for Attachment, Relational, Developmental Trauma

Somatic Experiencing to Discharge, Unbrace & Regulate

Co-regulation Touch for Pre-perinatal/Preverbal Traumas


"Brianna has a vast array of knowledge, techniques, and tools she employs to help me resolve the damaging effects of early trauma. I've discovered and handled deep false identities and illusions that had ruled my life. It's been a thrill to uncover my Authentic Self and being that is now a primary purpose.


We are working with healing my nervous system which brings deep, systemic relief.  My chronic anxiety level has dropped 70%. Brianna approaches everything with empathy and kindness.


She's easy to trust. I recommend her. This is the most effective therapeutic process I've done in my life."


F.N. Writer and Artist.

Foundational to My Approach:

This work is really about reconnecting with the power of our life force, the deep pulsatory formative intelligence that's creative and loving, which grew us up from conception and naturally nudges us to evolve in spite of any hard stuff in early life. 

I've learned from interfaith minister, spiritual teacher and author Miranda Macpherson who's work integrates the psychological and somatics, that with loving spacious presence--being directly with what’s here in body, heart and mind, without attempting to fix, pain can be digested.  We land back in the depths of ourselves, our essence.


Photography by: Leslee R Goldstein

"Brianna has a heart of gold and genuinely cares about her clients.  I was really struggling -- I felt alone, disconnected from myself, struggled to make concrete decisions that would benefit me, conflicted and battling the inner voices that had overpowered me for the majority of my life.


Now, after about 10 sessions I am feeling more connected to myself, more secure, happier, and more aligned with what I really want for myself.  My happiness is not tied to other people. I do not have to prove myself to anyone.  I do not need validation from others.


I have learned to make space for my emotions and practice self-compassion and self-love.  I am able to make decisions that are best for me and my future with clarity and that makes me feel powerful inside.  I feel more capable to handle situations  as they arise, knowing that  I can come back to a place that feels like home within me."


K.O. CSM/Coach 

Some Qualities of Core Self

Inherent Value

Inner Joy, Aliveness

Inner strength

Inner Silence, Knowing, Rootedness

"The transforming power of Grace wants to harness the energy within your most pernicious knot of suffering as a launching pad to the infinite.

Your part in this transformation is to drop in through the very thing you have spent a lifetime trying to avoid." 


Miranda Macpherson

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