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Other Modalities


Feeling Safe, Secure and Belonging

Although NARM is the primary modality I use, with pre-perinatal traumas (e.g. difficult birth, unwanted pregnancy or mother really stressed) and/or attachment wounds such as neglect and mis-attunement, I may offer Transforming Intentional Touch.  This is a healing modality that supports repair of early attachment ruptures through co-regulation and building somatic trust to expand our window of tolerance for aliveness.

When traumas happen so early, muscles aren’t developed, it’s deep in the viscera (organs) etc.  Both in-person and remote, clients feel a deep settling in their physiology when I support their brainstem (related to hypervigilance) and kidney/adrenals (related to alarm & stress hormones), as two examples.

I use tools from these two teachers:


  • Kathy L Kain, PhD & Stephen J Terrell PsyD's Somatic Resilience Regulation, in the milieu of nonverbal trauma by understanding the neurochemistry of early trauma, and rebuilding developmental platforms through regulation.

  • Stephen J Terrell PsyD's Transforming Intentional Touch for fetus/infant trauma, for physiological regulation & working with primitive reflexes.

I've learned from somatic teachers like Linda Thai, LMSW that it's important to build neuro-circuity for what didn't get laid down in our childhood.  For example, a client may say they have needs but when it's given to them, they can't take it in.  I might use a somatic attachment sequence where clients reach, contact, grasp, and pull towards (a biologically wired sequence in babies) to create or repair attachment.    


I'm also influenced by pre-perinatal teachers like Ray Castellino DC, RPP, RPE, RCST and Kate White, MA, SEP, PPNE, PLC, such as in supporting clients to reconnect to their blue print-essence/coherence and not just focus on the imprints - traumas including ancestral, birth and life.  Heartmath's scientifically researched method of creating heart coherence is a powerful way to reconnect with our essence. 

Currently, I am training with Dr. Aline LaPierre in NeuroAffective Touch®, "a polyvagal-informed psychobiological approach that integrates the key elements of somatic psychotherapy, attachment and developmental theory, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and affective and interpersonal neurobiology."


"Brianna's support has been invaluable on my own healing journey with pre-verbal trauma. Not only has my experience been educational and instructive, but deeply experiential and relationally supportive. We do the work with my nervous system in real time during our sessions together.


I've learned skills and tools to regular my infant nervous system and have felt deeply validated and understood in regards to my attachment patterns.


Brianna's Presence is felt strongly and is a big part of the healing in our work together. I am grateful for you, Brianna, and the wonderful work you do."

L.K., Therapist & Coach

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